Friday, June 29, 2012

Katie & Jose | Staples, MN

You guys, I really love weddings!

Second shot for the fabulous Kelley Jo Imaging.

20120609_KAM_0001-3 20120609_KAM_0023 20120609_KAM_0004-2 20120609_KAM_0002-2 20120609_KAM_0003-2 20120609_KAM_0005 20120609_KAM_0006 20120609_KAM_0007 20120609_KAM_0010 20120609_KAM_0009 20120609_KAM_0008 20120609_KAM_0011 20120609_KAM_0012 20120609_KAM_0013 Untitled-1 20120609_KAM_0016 20120609_KAM_0017 20120609_KAM_0019 20120609_KAM_0018 20120609_KAM_0020 20120609_KAM_0021 20120609_KAM_0022 20120609_KAM_0026 Untitled-2 20120609_KAM_0029 20120609_KAM_0031 20120609_KAM_0028 20120609_KAM_0030 20120609_KAM_0027

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mayo Family Preview

Such a huge fan of this family.

20120527_KAM_0003 20120527_KAM_0002 20120527_KAM_0001

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Barefoot Princess

second shot for Kelley Joe Imaging.