Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jessica Laurin

I can count on one hand the number of girl friends I had growing up. There simply were not very many girls around. Play time mostly consisted of tag and cars and forts. I loved it. But I loved playing with dolls too. So when Jessica came to visit it was kind of a big deal.

We don’t play dolls anymore. She’s in school working toward becoming a speech pathologist. This summer she’s going to St. Petersburg for a month. I’m excited for her. She’s wanted to go to Russia ever since I can remember. The cool part? She’s gets to love on some teens with disabilities while she’s there. Did I mention I’m excited for her?

She’s back home for spring break right now. So we spent Sunday afternoon catching up on life at Panera Bread. Then she was kind enough to let me spring a quick photo shoot on her. ;)









Do you have a favorite?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Hi world! Do you remember me?

I’ve been reading a ton lately. The visioneering mentorship keeps me busy with The Fast Track Photographers and Outliers. I’m taking my Wilderness First Responder recert in less than a month(!!!!!), so I spend a fair amount of time trying to memorize the signs and symptoms of shock and pulmonary edema and other lovely things. Then if I have spare time I read O Jerusalem! I love that book. It’s about the birth of Israel as a nation, and it’s written in a novel style.

The other night that mix of reading lead to a crazy dream. I dreamed I was a photojournalist on a convoy to Israel, and we were under attack. At one point, I had to do CPR on a soldier with a laryngectomy. Who dreams that stuff up? People who read about CPR right before going to bed, that’s who.

So have you been reading any good books lately?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Light Painting

Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree National Park, CA

"O Light, if I had said all I could say
Of thy essential glory and thy might,
Something within my heart unsaid yet lay,
And there for lack of words unsaid must stay:
For _God is Light._"
~Light, George MacDonald

It only took me a year, a two hour drive, and a failed idea to finally try light painting. Many thanks to my brother for his brilliant swirls with the flashlight. ;)