About Me

I prefer the wilderness over cities, tents over hotels, and backpacks over purses. In fact, that’s how this whole photography thing got started. On camping trips, I would bring a camera along, happily snapping pictures of any vista, flower, or deer I saw. Anything to remember the raw untouched beauty of it all. Then I realized if you pay attention, people are the same way. They have their own landscapes of beauty written on their souls. It’s vast and ever-changing with the ebb and flow of life. It reveals itself on a wedding day in the sacredness of the vows and joy of the reception. It’s exposed in the hope of the many possibilities facing the high school senior. I want to be there at those moments. To capture them, so they are never forgotten.

I like to linger over things. I want to absorb the whole scene, learn the story, remember it. I’m the one guilty of spending too much time in coffee shops people watching, the one who wants to stay “just one more minute” at the waterfall. I want to spend time with you and learn the details of your story.