Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Hi world! Do you remember me?

I’ve been reading a ton lately. The visioneering mentorship keeps me busy with The Fast Track Photographers and Outliers. I’m taking my Wilderness First Responder recert in less than a month(!!!!!), so I spend a fair amount of time trying to memorize the signs and symptoms of shock and pulmonary edema and other lovely things. Then if I have spare time I read O Jerusalem! I love that book. It’s about the birth of Israel as a nation, and it’s written in a novel style.

The other night that mix of reading lead to a crazy dream. I dreamed I was a photojournalist on a convoy to Israel, and we were under attack. At one point, I had to do CPR on a soldier with a laryngectomy. Who dreams that stuff up? People who read about CPR right before going to bed, that’s who.

So have you been reading any good books lately?


  1. hahha, "who dreams that stuff up?" :) I liked Outliers.. what do you think of it??

    I also think that it's pretty cool that you're a Wilderness First Responder... I think you get more amazing every time I find out something new about you!

  2. Oh my, Katherine Allison. You gave me a good laugh. What a dream...

    I've been trying to read good books lately, but barely find time for them. :( *sigh*

  3. Hi Katherine, good to see you. Oh, my that's a scary dream to me. Oh, I read all the time. Mostly fiction.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    @just a girl: I love Outliers. I haven't been able to set it down. It's definately a new way of thinking about things.

    @Ruth Ann: :)

    @ Karen: Thanks! I'm totally with you about the dream. :) It's was pretty stressful.


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