Thursday, April 7, 2011


So yesterday… I had forgotten some things. Important things.

Like how much I love exploring.
Like the fact people actually live in Whitewater. Let alone, people who build log cabins that fly both the American and Canadian flag.
Like how gorgeous that canyon is in the spring time.
Like pumas exist. I didn’t actually see one, but I saw a warning sign about them. I thought that was pretty exciting.

And mostly, I had forgotten that God loves me… a lot. And that He understands me. Go read Psalm 103. Right now. Seriously. Then read this.



Happy Thursday!


  1. Beautiful!!!! Keep up the amazing landscape work..I'm jealous:-)

  2. Oh my, Katherine, these should be on cards or calendars or printed and sold! God makes such beautiful things, and has given you the talent to capture them.

  3. These look great! I wish I could be adventuring with you friend.


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