Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Half Dome and Star Trails

I’m afraid of bears. Not a normal healthy respect, like an irrational “all the bears in Yosemite Valley are out to maul me to death” kind of fear. I’m even convinced a good chunk of them come down from the high country once word gets out I’m there. Yes, this fear is specific to Yosemite. It's irrational, remember? I blame it on all the ranger talks we went to when I was little. They made a huge deal about the bears. “Use the bear lockers! Bears roam the campgrounds! They destroy cars! Don’t run if you see one!”


Which is why I feel like this photo, a 40 minute exposure in a very dark meadow, is a big deal.

Half Dome and Star Trails


  1. Oh. My goodness. This is incredible. You totally showed up my biggest ideas for star trails that I was going to do this week. Scratch that plan... ;)

  2. this is beautiful and something I've always wanted to do. [star trails] So wonderful.

    ps: I'd be afraid of bears too... ;)

  3. Kate,
    I enjoyed the talk and light painting while you were taking this photo.


  4. Ahhahaha, I realize I already commented on this... buuuut.

    YOUR'S is WAYY better than mine. Probably the fact that it included Half Dome.. which is my new love. But it's just way better. But mine was worth all the fabulous conversation that we had during it ;) hahah, and the crazy hikers/runners with headlamps.

    Oh, and... "do you think if I wear deoderant that I'll be food to a bear????" :/

    ahhhh love you!!!!


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