Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I miss you, Monterey.

2013-07-27_001 Almost two months ago, my friend Kelley and I were camping in Big Sur. Already a few days into a road trip and tired from attempting to hike/ bushwhack our way up Mount Manuel earlier in the day, we decided no more canned soup for dinner. We drove up to Monterey and found a restaurant with a view of the bay and the most amazing garlic butter I've ever had. Seriously, I think I ate at least half a loaf bread drenched in butter.

We wondered down to the beach after dinner. Barefoot with jackets to cut the wind, we watched the surfers make the most of evening. The clouds rolled in over the city. The light took on an ethereal quality that you couldn't pin to a particular time of day.

I miss you, Monterey.


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  1. Oh my word. I miss this day. And you're images... SO awesome.


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