Sunday, November 6, 2011

Merry ...

Typically, I insist no mention of Christmas can be made until after Thanksgiving. Ask my family. But this year? This year as soon as November first hit the calendar Christmas music was heard coming from my room, hot chocolates were made, and I’ve been secretly plotting how I can get my hands on some of the Christmas lights stored up in the attic. And guys? This weekend it snowed in the mountains! SNOWED! Go make me a snow angel or build a snowman.

So for Thanksgiving, I’ll be thankful for Christmas.



  1. you want snow?! COME and visit ME! :)) [well not quite yet... 'cause for some amazing reason it hasn't snowed yet. lol]

  2. Oh, wow! Is that a lake? It's beautiful.

  3. For sure Kellley! ;)
    Karen yep! It's this gorgeous lake up the sequoias!

  4. Oddly I am in such a Christmas mood already too... it's like somewhere deep inside I'm skipping thanksgiving haha!


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