Monday, July 23, 2012

The Mayo Family | Sedona, AZ

The Mayo's are one of my favorite families. We spent Memorial Day weekend with them at a cabin buried somewhere in the hills of Sedona. And, more importantly, lived to tell about it. To get there, you followed a winding dirt road past a locked gate and arrived at a scary looking exterior. The cabin made quite the first impression. It grows on you though. Somewhere in between the sunsets that make the rocks burn red, splashing around in the river, shared meals (including amazing bbq) and laughter, you decide you like the place and don't really want to leave.

We found time to take a few photos while we were there.

20120527_KAM_0003 20120527_KAM_0004 20120527_KAM_0005 20120527_KAM_0006 20120527_KAM_0007 20120527_KAM_0008 20120527_KAM_0009 20120527_KAM_0010 20120527_KAM_0011

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